CS:GO Beginners Guide

There are many different strategies, tips, and tricks to be good at CS:GO, but every professional player has at least one thing in common. They have mastered the basics. If you’re just starting out and are not familiar with the basics of CS:GO, read on.

Weapon Selection-
There are a lot of weapons to choose from in CS:GO, but some are definitely more useful than others. Watch any professional match and you’ll quickly come to realize that there a only a handful of weapons you’ll need to master.

Terrorist Weapons

Starting with my personal favorite, we have the AK-47. At only $2700, this weapon is affordable and should be used as much as possible when playing as the Terrorists. The AK-47 deals an immense amount of damage, has an excellent range, faster reloading, but suffers from high recoil. The AK-47 can get you an insta-kill with a headshot, even if your enemy bought up full armor and a helmet. Once you get familiar with the recoil pattern, and have gotten used to tapping instead of spraying, you will start to dominate with this weapon.

Next up we have the cheaper T weapon of choice. The Galil AR (Aka: The Poor Man’s AK-47).The Gilil AR is only $2000, and is usually purchased when you can’t afford to save or buy an AK-47. The Galil features a high rate of fire, a slightly larger clip size than the AK-47, less damage, less range, and a slower reload time than the AK-47. Although it isn’t as deadly as the AK-47, it can be a good weapon to take on enemies when you’re not going for an all out buy.

Counter-Terrorist Weapons

Switching over to the Counter Terrorist’s main weapon of choice, is the M4A4 (M4A1-S). I prefer the M4A1-S for my own reasons. The M4A1-S is $2900, and the M4A4 is $3100. Both have a high amount of damage, very little recoil, slower reloading than the AK-47, and a smaller clip size with the M4A1-S. If you’ve mastered aiming for the head and tapping instead of spraying, the M4A1-S is an excellent choice. Although it does not have the 1 hit headshot like the AK-47, it has much better recoil, and an easier spray pattern to master. The silencer on the M4A1-S allows you to not be shown on the radar when you shoot, which is excellent when you’re camping, or facing multiple opponents at once who haven’t seen you yet.


Next up we have the “Fusil d’Assaut de la Manufacture d’Armes de Saint-Étienne”, more commonly known as the FAMAS. It is a decently priced “last resort” type weapon when you can’t afford the M4A1-S. It has a lower damage rate compared to the M4, and fairly decent accuracy at long range, especially with burst on. It features low recoil, average reloading time, and a smaller magazine (30).

Spray Patterns-
View our spray pattern guide.

Fadey Games also has a good video guide for the AK47 and the M4A4 here:

Learning how to control while spraying can get you far.

Map Control-
Map Control is very important for competitive playing. If you watch any official matches with the pros, you’ll notice how they focus completely on map control for the first 10-30 seconds of the match. The best way to describe map control is getting all 5 players on your team spread out strategically to either plant / defend at the bombsites.

Here is a video made by Crankytoaster that explains map control on Inferno:

The concept is universal to all maps and game modes on CS:GO.

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