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When loading up De_nuke on competitive MM, players generally wish to start on the CT side due to the nature of the map heavily favouriting CT’s.  Even when it comes to professional leagues (ESEA, ESL, Star Ladder) after the knife round the winner of the round generally opts to !stay/!switch to the CT side. As the events unfold, 5 non-premades can have major problems winning a round or two as T’s even in the pro-league (full-premade) teams can have major problems. For this reason here is a small list of different ways of taking bomb sites as T’s on Nuke.

Basic strategies:

A Rush Lobby:
A rush is a classical strategy I have seen (and used myself) on eco rounds. It is a very effective surprise strategy since nobody usually awaits a mindless rush onto A. The key in this rush is a quick bomb plant and entry frags, remember the whole point of this rush is a solid surprise for the CT’s. Generally to avoid getting sprayed down when entering A site, you should split up, go 3 blue box and 2 squeaky. You can also throw a HE into the squeeky to make entering easier and a few smokes. This could also work as a distraction (potentially could win T’s in blue box 1-2 seconds).

The general equipment I’d recommend is:
Eco vs Eco: 2 armour buys, 2 flashes 1 smoke, 1 HE (optional: p250).
Eco vs Norm: 2-4 p250’s, 1-3 smokes, 2 flashes, 1 HE (If you have Juan Deag on your team then 1 deagle).
Norm vs Norm: Not recommended unless you can out aim your opponents.

A Main:
A main push is essentially the same beginning setup as B outside, but instead of pushing for secret push into main and take bomb site A by number. A fair thumb rule is to expect two CT’s in heaven, one ontop of main and one next to ladder/cat. Flashes are adviced and after the bomb plant smoking off heaven, main and/or blue box is essential.

Equipment recommended:
Eco vs Eco: 2 flashes, 1 smoke (optional: p250)
Eco vs Norm:  Not recommend unless you are sure that you can out aim your opponents.
Norm vs Norm: 2-3 smokes, 4 flashes,

B Outside:
B rush through yard is a standard, normal buy strategy. Outside is generally held by an awper with one teammate ready to help from either main or heaven. The awper is relatively easy to deal with, a few correctly placed smokes should do the job. A flash bang doesn’t hurt either! Once you’ve mauled through yard you should split up 1/2 into vents, one window, two squeeky doors on b.

Equipment recommended:
Eco vs Eco: 1 flash, 1 smoke (optional: pistols of your choice)
Eco vs Norm:  3 smokes, 1 flash, 2-4 p250, (Once again if you have Juan Deag on your team go nuts)
Norm vs Norm: 3 smokes, 2 flashes, 1 awp (Optional: molotov into main)

B Ramp:
B ramps is a tough one since the entrance onto ramps is a major choke point where two CT’s can easily fend off a swarm of T’s. In this case grenades of sorts are vital to the success of entering ramp (Or really good accuracy, you should prior to entering ramp try and pick off the person at the back boxes, unless he’s an awp). You should try and always smoke off back boxes on ramp and upon entry chuck a flash or two AND possibly to avert getting back stabbed by CT’s smoke hell (the area underneath heaven).

Equipment recommended:
Eco vs Eco: 1-2 smokes, 2 flashes, 1 armour (optional: p250)
Eco vs Norm:  2 smokes, 2-4 p250, 3 flashes, 1 HE (Juan Deag still applies)
Norm vs Norm: 2 smokes, 3 flashes, 2 HE’s and a good entry fragger.

B Vent Rush:
B vent rush is once again a surprise strategy, but this strategy is the riskiest of all since it can fail before you even get past squeeky. The quickest way is to just rush in, but if you want a tad bit more safety while executing this rush you can HE the door follow it with a smoke and before you enter flash. It is muy importante to get the plant as soon as possible. This will pressure the CT’s and cause potential mistakes in your favour.

Equipment recommended:
Eco vs Eco: 1 smoke, 2 flashes, 1 HE (optional: p250)
Eco vs Norm: 1 smoke 2 flashes 1 HE, 2-4 P250/cz-75 (Still works if you have Mr. Juan Deag on your team)
Norm vs Norm: Not recommend in a full buy vs full buy round.

B Suicide Rush:
B suicide rush is an extremely risky strategy! It is the twin brother of the B vents rush where instead of running in through squeeky into vents you go from outside into main into vents. There is no additional description available, just pray to whatever you can and as crazy as it may be… it might just work. You could also try to smoke off the entire main to A entrance to create as much cover as possible!

Slightly more advance strategies:
A Surround:
A surround strategy is what it sounds like. It is a high risk high reward strategy and needs correct execution to make it work, BUT if done correctly the round is yours! In basis A surround is a deviation of A split, where as in a split you push 2/3 players through lobby into A and subsequently 3/2 players from outside into main. Here you will send one man into hell to either try and pick off rotators from ramp or try and push into heaven. Smokes are extremely important in this strategy since you want to keep your opponents guessing as long as possible, picking off the garage/main player is as important as smoking off the correct areas. Assuming your awp eliminated the outside holder you should smoke off main entrance and heaven from the outside. From here you can either decide to wait for the main smoke to dispurse or move in with your two players in lobby drawing aim away from main allowing the two players at main to enter through smoke (use flashes). Here the ideal situation would be to take out the player closer to the heaven ladder first so your lurking player can assist you from heaven if he chooses to go up. Once bomb is planted just hold the plant and the round should be yours and if executed correctly you should have low amounts of casualties!

Equipment recommended:
Awp, 4 smokes, 4 flashes, 2 HE’s, 1 molotov (the molotov can be used by the lurking player to stop the rotation from ramps into heaven).

A Split:
A split is the big brother of the A surround strategy. The A split is the easier of the two since it require less precise team co-ordination and correct timing. An A split execution is a (depends on your preference) 2 lobby 3 outside into main or 3 lobby and 2 outside into main. The key here is to gain control of the yard area and shift the opponents attention towards yard allowing the lobby players to catch one of the two heaven players off guard. Once lobby has entered the outside crew should enter within seconds. This can create an element of surprise for the CT’s. When going outside you should smoke off garage and between garage red box and under cat walk. This will eliminate most of the vision for anyplayer trying to rotate from ramps to outside/hell and garage. Another smoke that can come in handy is from blue box onto squeeky or straight from squeeky room to front of squeeky creating a bit of cover for the player coming from squeeky. Another way is for the outside crew to enter a few seconds after the smoke outside of squeeky deploys so the aim will shift towards blue box/squeeky for a moment allowing the first shot to be made by the players in main (obviously followed by the 2/3 men in lobby).

Equipment recommended:
4 Smokes, 4 flashes and a molotov (the molotov should be used to barbeque the ladders into heaven).

A Silo Push:
A silo push is a special strategy that can be used in loosing streak rounds (not eco keep in mind). This is a genuine strategy no one would expect to be used because it is a bit ridiculous. You want to hoist up your awp onto the silo to try and get the first scout over outside area and possibly a pick. After a succesful pick you hoist the rest of the team up onto the silo from where you jump onto the main roof. If you want to you can smoke off certain areas to create an illusion of a secret push. After waiting for about 5-15 seconds you jump down off the main roof and into main and onto A site. This should be done as fast as possible to create an element of surprise!

Equipment recommended:
An awp, 2 smokes, 1 molotov and at least a few flashes.

B Marathon:
B marathon is a strategy seen played by professional teams where they move from outside yard into hell and into ramps (Marathon is just a made up name). This can create confusion since when moving with five players through yard the CT’s would expect either a secret push or main push creating a fun element of backstabbing surprise. Depending onwhich illusion you want to create (Setting up for a main push or secret) you should smoke areas off appropriately.

Equipment recommended:
Mix of molotovs and smokes to fit your needs and possibly an awp if you feel like it although it is  not recommended.

B Ramps Split:
The B ramps split now is identical to the A split, but instead of going to A through lobby/outside you go to B through ramps. Once again you split your team into 3/2 comms room and 2/3 yard. The two players in communications wait for the players outside to make their way to hell where they can now create a sandwich to the poor players that try and hold ramps. Once executed correctly push ramps into B and plant. The key here is to pick any CT that is outside and shift walk towards hell through garage, don’t forget to smoke off main!

Equipment recommended:
An awp, 2 smokes, 2 decoys (which can be thrown into secret or instead send a player into secret).

B Outside Split:
B outside split has the essense of the other split strategies, but (as usual) instead of pushing through comms those 2/3 players push through secret and the 3/2 others push through hell into ramps onto B. This can catch rotators off guard and especially the ramp holders. You sould smoke main and heaven to cut off extra vision so the players who move into ramps are not detected. Once again try and pick off the outside player with an awp. The less info the better.

Equipment recommended:
An awp, 3 smokes, 3 flashes.

These are all risky strategies, but if executed correctly can pay off greatly. Hopefully these gave you a good idea on some variation of tactics on Nuke when playing as terrorists. Remember execution is key!

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