CS GO: Aiming skills and Performance Guide

CS GO: Aiming skills and Performance Guide

Basics of CSGO Public and MM gaming
Before I go into detail about the engine and how to improve your aim and teamplay, let me say something about the Matchmaking and publich servers (further adressed as “pubs”). Teamplay itself works best if you get to play with people in a voice channel, mumble, skype or teamspeak. You can discuss your moves and have someone watch your back who actually tells you whats up. Matchmaking and pubs work different. Matchmaking aims to get you into a group of players that actually WANT to play as a team but mostly fail at this because the communication with other team mates is not easy without a voice-over-ip program. The best you can do to get your team to play together is using the team-say channel and get their attention. In-Game voice has proven itself useless for me since the latency of this chat-module messes up audio very bad and players with bad microphones sound like a bus passing by with a yelling driver speaking a foreign language. However, if you get your mates to react in team say and to speak about the tactics this is the first shot at winning a game. A headless group is about to fail. Don’t take this as “go and be their leader no matter what” rather be friendly and try to get your group to discuss instead of taking orders like a real in-voice team would work.

Pubs however don’t feature teamplay. Pubs don’t aim for winning or loosing. Pubs only serve as fun-time games and should be seen as aiming practice. That’s all there is to say about public servers, except one thing: Good players WILL be voted to be kicked by newbies because they think they don’t play legit. I was at that point too, thinking someone was definately cheating his way until I watched him play in spectator mode and saw that he was using superb pre-aim, pre-fire and crosshair placement tactics as well as knowledge of the map. No shot was aligned indicating a wallhack but sheer observing known camping or peeking spots (all this explained later on). Use pubs with caution, since they contain of some whiny people, some good players and mainly newbies trying to get better as well as you do.

Customizing your crosshair and viewmodel
I personally find the new crosshair to be shiznit, if you want your good old CS 1.6 or CSS crosshair back, do this: Go to options -> game options -> choose crosshair classic, then fire up the console and type in the following (my settings, you can alter all these to fit your own playstyle)

cl_crosshairthickness 1.1
cl_crosshaircolor 2
cl_crosshairsize 2.5
cl_crosshairdot 0
cl_crosshairalpha 235

-> your crosshair will now be small, yellow and without a dot in the middle and clearly visible. Welcome back to cs-oldschool.

viewmodel_offset_x 2
viewmodel_offset_y -2
viewmodel_offset_z -2
viewmodel_fov 68
(these values is reset every restart, either put it in an autoexec or alter it every time you start the game)

-> your weapon will now be in the lower right corner and won’t minimize your view of the scene anymore. The FOV setting is the highest so you see a bit more of the stuff around you then before. I personally would prefer a FOV of 96 since this is the setting for 16:9 monitors, but csgo does not feature anything higher than 68, the default is 60.

Now go to options->control settings and put down your view-sensitivity to about 2.14, disable mouse smoothing and enable raw input. This will let you aim much more precise, if the 2.14 is too slow for your playstyle, notch it up a little if you want to, but keep it low for precise aiming. Thank me later.

In the end it should overall look like the following screenshots:

How to create your own autoexec.cfg
1. Open notepad, or wordpad
2.Create a new document.
3. Add whatever scripting code you wish to save in the autoexec
5.Save this in the cstrikecfg directory
6.Add this line to your config.cfg
->exec autoexec.cfg

Mine looks like this:

title: autoexec.CFG

cl_crosshairthickness 1.1
cl_crosshaircolor 2
cl_crosshairsize 2.5
cl_crosshairdot 0
cl_crosshairalpha 235
viewmodel_offset_x 2
viewmodel_offset_y -2
viewmodel_offset_z -2
viewmodel_fov 68
Basic Training
– Footsteps can be easily heared, move slow when in territory you know could be occupied by the enemy.
– Crouch down to improve your aim, oddly enough the chances of getting shot in the head increase too while crouched, use on own risk.
– Listen for footsteps and enemy fire (you can easily tell if it’s real fire or a decoy ‘nade).
– Practice throwing ‘nades in bot matches, easily enough you blind your whole team with a Flash and get them killed.
– Use Smokescreen to cover your movement or create a strangle-point.
– Molotov’s and Incendiary ‘nades are ONLY for stopping a rush, they don’t do enough damage to work as a threat ‘nade.
– Switch to your knife to move faster, use q to get back to your main weapon.
– Jump crouched to avoid sounds while landing.
– Move down and up ladders with shift pressed, it makes no sound.
– Shoot only when neccessary, the sound and dot on the radar give your position away.
– Shoot to kill, if you hit someone he WILL come back to kick you in the shin for that.
– Remember that hitting someone makes him move slower, an escaping enemy can be slowed and killed by two people like that.

That was basic knowledge I know everyone allready knows, but for the sake of saying it, it’s in my guide as well.

Peeking technique and crosshair placement
Peeking is a technique that let’s you discover players with minimal threat around corners. You can’t lean out of cover like in fancy shooters, you have hard movement and you need to know how to use it in order to stay alive and not run into enemy bullets in the first seconds. Also, this technique allows you to practice pre-aim and pre-fire as well as avoinding to use flick-shots and reaction-shots which are way harder than peeking is. Peeking itself needs some practice to reach perfection in it, since you have to adjust your crosshair along with it but the results can be one-shots, instant headshots and overrunning the enemy in a few seconds, since the peeking does not affect your aim running around a corner and ramboing the enemy would do.



In conclusion, the peeking and crosshair placement now should look like mean aim and wall hax, a few people will nag you about it but experienced players will know that this is the only way to observe and clear hallways in an easy and secure manner. Mind over body, muscle memory over reaction shots, placement over headless running.

M4A4/M4A1 and AK aiming, spraying and reaction/flick shots
Since they are the most used weapons in the game, they get a single tutorial dedicated to them. It’s all described in the video below. Just some facts about the guns right now: The M4 and AK have very different spray ratios and damage dealing abilities. You can’t really compare them as equal guns since the AK can promptly lead to a one-shot-kill, the M4 can do that too but needs a different aiming preset in your brain. You HAVE to differ between them and you have to be able to keep these little things on your head while playing with each gun. While the M4 is more of a beginner weapon AK mastery is harder to achieve. You can however prepare yourself with the Galil first since it’s a baby-AK and then move on to the AK itself (trust me, it’s easy to learn but hard to master), same goes for the FAMAS and the M4. Given you start a round on low money you will have to resort to the FAMAS or Galil AR anyways, so I got them both covered in the video too, to show their similarities and main differences. Enjoy, absorb, learn.



Training and learning
Here are a few basic tips I can give you on training the above and learning it faster with a few simple tricks, get ready to get your mind blown.

-> Training aiming and reaction

Start up a game with bots, increase the difficulty as you advance, this could even give you an advantage against aimboters since the highest bot setting reaches a level of unfair cpu timed shots right into your forehead. Train the crosshair placement and peeking but be aware that human players may be quicker in countering these techniques on pubs and especially matchmaking games.

Another good way to train spraying, reaction shots and aiming is to use a levels environment to your advantage: Seek windows, doorways and such to practice aiming at certain parts of the structure such as ledges, borders and objects in the world. It’s simple training but remember that simple push-ups can give you a sixpack the same way complex workout-machienes would give you.



Use Pubs to improve your play, classic casual to look for clues on strategies or gun-game to familiarize yourself with the numerous other weapons in the game to be able to pick them up from the ground and use them properly in a dangerous situation.

-> Making your brain learn it faster

This is actually no joke. Before entering the pit and training the basic skill set found in this article go for a 30 minut workout, jog, cycle or train muscles. Your brain builds neurons while you do sports and neurons are the grey matter in your brain that utilizes the learning-effect to imprint this on your brain and memory. Training muscles makes them “vulnerable” for every other movement, giving them a boost in building your muscle memory faster and easier. Long story short: workout before training or playing, that way you absorb the skills faster and learn as well as master them faster. Use this to get in shape and get better at csgo in the process! (I actually do that and it works for me!)

Teamplay rules
Now that we familiarized ourselves with the main guns, let’s go over some basic teamplay rules, more indepth as the MM vs. Pub section stated. I will list them with numbers, they are selfexplanatory and should be followed most of the time.

#1: See your team as equal players, no one is automatically a noob, nobody automatically a pro
#2: Convers with your team in team-say by pressing “u”, do this often, remain calm and discuss
#3: The weakest link of your team is the newest player, don’t call him a noob and don’t abandon him
#4: Pinpoint the weakest link, support that player and give him tips instead of going apeshit on him
#5: Try to keep your team focused, there are some whiners out there, get them under control
#6: Keep your team spirit up, tell people they do well or how to do better in a calm way
#7: Point out weaknesses of the enemy-team, discuss them and use them to your advantage
#8: It’s perfectly fine to joke around, use it as a team-anti-depressant
#9: If a strategy didn’t work, don’t ♥♥♥♥♥, discuss and try something else
#10: [MOST IMPORTANT RULE] Don’t be a ♥♥♥♥♥, don’t hate on others while you do bad yourself
#11: If you are a leader, be a leader not a boss, show them what to do instead of just giving orders
#12: Don’t run into your team-mates fire
#13: Don’t shoot your team-mates if you don’t have to (like in a CQB battle its inevitable)

That are rules built by common sense, one advice for MM lobbies I can certainly give: If there is a whiner that calls everybody a noob and you feel everybody hates him, kick him for your own sake and the group spirit. It’s better to play with a dumb BOT instead of someone makeing you angry all the time by typing stupid things in both general and team chat. Allways try to be friendly, even if it drifts towards a loose, tell what could have been done better, how to improve and realize that YOU are not the best player in the world either. The other team could have been just better than you were or you played with more inexperienced players, sometimes however you get a group that rocks everything and you will feel like a CS Pro, trust me.

In conclusion, teamplay is not about trying the hardest but having the best team spirit in the game itself. All Are completely random if you don’t play with friends. Designate roles in your group, Snipers, pushers, defenders and the bomb carrier as a VIP target. This may help you improve your random-group teamplay a huge chunk.


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