Smite Assault Guide


All random all mid, personally my favorite map so far in Smite.  After a total of over 600 games played in Assault, I believe I can share some advice and point things out which might help both beginners and experienced players inthis map.  Most of these “tips and tricks” can be applied to all other maps aswell, although they’re particularly effective here on Assault due to the unique ability of not beingable to return to base and the fact that there’s no jungle or other lanes forganking maneuvers.





You start off with 3000 gold, gaining 4 gold per second after the match has started.  After your purchase, once you’ve jumped down, you can no longer go back — so be wiseabout it.  Don’t go for the 800g recommended starter items, you have enough gold to buy stronger more durable items.  Auras are VERY helpful on this map, especially the ones that buff nearby allies. If your god has an escape,leap/teleport/dash, then you don’t necessarily need to start off with boots.  Unless you’re a tank that is,Sovereignty or Bracer of Replenishmentare great starter items. What you DO need to start off with practically every single game is Meditation, unless several people haveSalvation, you’ve got Isis,there’s a Bracer around, etc.  We’ll get into that later. This item is far too valuable to pass up on at this stage(which you probably have already noticed, 90% of people will pick this item at the beginning).Stone of Gaia is one of those very profitable items when you get them early on, regen is king in Assault.  Here are some combo examples on how to spend your 3k:

· Tank(or very tanky Bruiser build if you have no proper tank):



With the leftover gold you should always buy potions ,obviously if you have no Meditation then grab as many mana pots as you can, otherwise split it evenly.  There’s plenty of great builds for 3k.  You can always decide to go for Tier 1 boots and instead grab Tier 3 Meditation for the additional heal, depends on if youhave a healer or if you want to play it dangerously.


Generally,Sovereignty is a fantastic first item for tanks if the enemy team has atleast 2 or 3 strong physical gods.  The +20 phy def aura for allies is something you should not discard right now so early in the game.Blink is a “must” item for tanks such as Ymir and Ares for the easy access/surprise freeze and chains, grab Tier 2 on Ares and Tier 3 on Ymir. Do *NOT* go forCombat Blink on tank, this itemhas a 240 second cooldown and is completely counter productive in this situation.  Sure it can be very useful to quickly hunt down that fleeing low health Hel in ateamfight, but it’s simply not worth it since most combat situations in Assault will begin with a prior standoff, perfect for the “non combat”Blink requirement. On these two afformentioned gods,Ymir and Ares, the best course of action is to go with a dual CDR item build(if you can afford to that is, 1 is perfectly fine too).  Grab that Breastplate of Valor and Chronos’ Pendant(yes,on a tank, oh dear!) or even better yet(instead of Chronos’ Pendant) get those Shoes of Focus instead of Reinforced Greaves if the enemy does not have any potent CC such as Anubis‘ Mummify or Ymir’s Freeze.


Now if you’re a tanky support god, Bracer of Replenishment is once ofthose fabulous items which I strongly recommend you to buy if you’re up against another team with plenty of support/heals. Combined with Isis‘ passive, you will grant your team an insane amount of hp5/mp5.  Since you can’t go back to regen and there’s plenty of times when you’re just sitting at your tower waiting for your main damage source or tank to return to your team, this passive small regen will do wonders. Don’t be afraid to point out to your allies that they should hug you if they want someof that sweet regen, I sometimes daydream and don’t pay attention — this helps loads.  This is also where Salvation comes into play, apparently not very popular yet quite the life saver.  Here’s a picture just incase you forgot, or you know…never used it before.



If you don’t have any healer on your team, i’d suggest yougrabbing this beauty and informing the rest of your team that it’d be great ifthey can grab it too.  Obviously this goes much smoother if you’re playing with a premade, but to my surprise it also often works with randoms.  “Hey guys, we don’t have a healer and the enemy team has 2 :(…let’s grab Salvation and keep each other alive yeah? Woo! GO team!”.  Just try, seriously. A couple of Salvations,a Bracer and some Auras — tada! You don’t even need a healer if you play carefully.


· Support Healer:



My personal favorite is the Shoes of Focus and Tier 3 Meditation.  But that’s just because i’m a huge fan of always building everything with CDR, I love CDR, do you love CDR?  CDR is the best.  If you’re up against a team with heavy physical damage then go for Wall of Absolution, after acouple of smacks you will be standing there with a massive +95 physical protection.  Get that Hide of the Nemean Lion later on, the mp5 and additional MP is just too good.  If you’re up againstAnubis/Ymir/Arachne/Bastet or any of those, you should go for the -30% CC reduction tank boots. 30% is huge.  If you’re up againsta heavy magical team then don’t hesitate to grab that Focused Voidstone or Stone of GaiaStone of Gaia is another one of those excellent starter items, especially on bruisers against lots of magical gods.  Health regen isvital in Assault, which is why this item is such a great pick for many types of gods. Shell of Absorption, Girdle of Might and Heavenly Agility should only be purchased if thereis no need for Aegis. Don’t forget to fill up with potions with the gold you’ve got left after buying your items.



· Magical Damage:



No, I didn’t accidently put the Shoes of Focus & T3 Meditation combo on the Magical Damage example list again, it’s just that this build works perfectly for damage too.  And the lovely CDR.  Don’t forget Chronos’ Pendant, ever.  If you have 4 or 5 magical gods on your team then go for penetration instead, grab Shoes of the Magi and build Focused Voidstone later on aswell as Obsidian Shard or Spear of the Magus, since the enemy team will buildmagical defense.  If you have an escape then you can pass up on the boots if you’re feeling brave, or if you have a competent healer and tank that is.

Mages should always be built with atleast a couple of defensive items, NEVERgo full pure damage, a dead carry is not going to carry anyone.

· Physical Damage:




Grab T3 Meditation if you have no healer or if you’re a brave frontliner/lack tank.  Lots of health potions too. Recently i’ve really come to enjoy Qin’s Blades, especially if you’re up against players with various bruisers and tanks, or if they are stacking health(very popular here) then this item is a beast.  The Executioner should be bought if you have more than a couple of physical gods on your team, the physical debuff which is applied onto the enemy gives you a huge advantage when you’re focusing someone down.  Gods such as Bakasura and Artemis are better off with a complete Fatalis, also another great item which is not often used elsewhere.  As you can imagine, boots are vital even if your god has escapes, to return to the battlefield ASAP since usually people don’t wait around for the team to be complete again before the next engagement(horrible mistake, sadly seen tooo ften…patience is a virtue). Don’t forget about spamming your leaps to get to your team faster.Restoration Shard is a great heal if you last long enough to charge it up properly and don’t need to bring Creeping Curse to destroy healers.




As i’ve pointed out earlier, in Assault there’s plenty of standoffs.  Normally the more confident team that has the better composition will push further and force the enemy team to hug their tower and lose some xp and gold from the minion waves.  Ranged gods will harass each other and both teams will wait for the perfect opportunity to engage, although if you have that impacient Agni who insists on dashing into the enemy and starting the fight then you’re down one player pretty fast and things can turn for the worst in seconds — spam taunts instead(don’t overdo it, unless it’s Ra’s laughter).


*IMPORTANT* Know when to die and buy!  Don’t hang around with 8k goldin your pocket and 0 deaths just because you enjoy being that guy “who can’t die”, it’s not a challenge. This isn’t called suvival mode.  That’s not what Assault is about, by doing that you are effectively crippling your own team. It’s extremely counter productive. Wait for your enemies to wipe and then die to a tower structure, thee nemy will not gain any additional xp or gold for your death and you can come back fully loaded doing 20x as much damage/20x as much tanking/20x as much healing.


Make sure your support/healers are in the back and your tanks at the front,  use the [VQ] context pinging to signal people around, they sometimes even listen.  Watch out for those cheeky gods with pull swho will purposely overextended to try and trick you to come into range.  On Arachne I like to do exactly this, get in front of our tank and nearly in reach of the enemy(they will retreat a little, scared of the pull) then literally waggle my butt with a taunt; a curious Vamana will move closer in attempt to waggle his own baby butt back at me.  FATAL MISTAKE!  PEW!  I SHOT MY ULT STRING AND GRABBED THE LITTLE BUGGER, IMMEDIATLY FOLLOWED BY THE CRIPPLING WEB AND LEECHING SILENCE. By now his team will rush into ours full of rage and panic as we annihilate the foolish Vamana, 1-0 for us, firstblood.  This is just one of many examples how you can provoke the enemy to make mistakes, same obviously works with Sobek and Hercules(grab blink on this guy to pop up behind them and use the push to shove the target away from his/her team, then the throw when they’re trying to run back).


Always wait for your full team to be there if you’re going to fight atleast 4 of theirs, too many times has it happened that people get picked off one by one because they couldn’t wait 14 seconds for the Sobek to return.  Wait at the tower and harass with ranged skills, don’t let the creep waves die to your tower but also don’t take all the xp and gold for yourself.  Try to make your tower area as unattractive as possible to the enemy, don’t let them get any ideas.  Here’s an example:



*NOTE:* Watch out for Zeus’ bouncing lightning bolt and Ne Zha’s bouncing ring toss.  These two can destroy your Arachne’s eggs and Vulcan’s Turrets in a heartbeat and hit your team aswell.  Avoid such situations by standing at a safe distance when they’e in range, it’s easy to spot when they are coming in to launch their attack.

Placing skills:


· Artemis traps:



Place traps like shown above, when they are triggered the tower will fire onto the trapped target. This is not only very useful to deter enemy kamikaze tower dives, but also good for having a defensive line upon which you can retreat when things go south in the middle.  Sometimes people with slight OCD(or so they tell me) who always need to immediatly trigger traps because they hate seeing them or scared of stepping onto them later will be great fun if they didn’t expect it, check here this bacchus who believes he’s doing a favor to his team:



When this happens, immediatly place another trap when the one that has been triggered is about to run out, after that unleash Bacon and let him stun him.  By now that Bacchus was already heavily regretting his decision, but it’s too late now, completely crippled and stunned with the tower firing on him and my whole team emptying their kits onto him.  That did not go so well for him, I never saw him near one of my traps again.

· Cupid hearts:




Watch out when throwing Cupid’s hearts around near a tower,if placed incorrectly then you can lose one of them.  In the screenshot you can see one of theminside a tower, you can no longer retrieve this one, it’s lost. I wasn’t juststanding there admiring it.  Best tacticis to throw them against walls, after a little practice you can make two of thethee hearts ball up for a quicker easier heal, as you can see below:




· Arachne eggs:


As I explained earlier, you have to be careful that Zeus andNe Zha can’t bounce their skills off the eggs. We also don’t want the enemy to trigger them on purpose so that thehatched spiders die before even being able to do any damage.  The trick is to place them in corners andbehind walls.

*NOTE:* Be sure to kill off creep wavesbefore they get within range of the eggs, we want gods to trigger them notminions.

For example here when you’ve retreated to your mino, place afull stack of eggs like this(I was once chasing down a Ra and when he turnedthe corner I was attacked by a million spiders, I died. In RL almost too, waspretty frightening):



My favorite place is hiding them inside towers, you can’teven see them unless it’s already too late. Look at this, in the secondscreenshot I moved only a tiny bit further towards the tower.



a couple of steps closer…



· Vulcan’s turret you can simply place it in corners whichforces the enemy to walk around to properly hit it or will surprise them whenthey get to their tower.  Buy EtherealStaff on Vulcan first item then build only defensive items which give health,you’ll be an unstoppable wrecking ball. Trust me.  Also,Boatmurdered made a fine guide on this particular god, it’s pretty fooken longthough so make sure you have the afternoon free:


· Neith weaves, try to line them up in a straight line sothat you can detonate them all together and blow up a large portion of theground.  Also heals much more.  Positioning them like Artemis traps workslike a charm aswell.


~~~ Also, if you fall behindwith gold or xp for some reason, you can nuke the creep waves(Ra’s ult forexample) when they’re still far out; this will cause you to gain all thexp/gold yourself and not share any with your allies. It’ll be a largeamount.  Only do this if you absolutelymust. ~~~



*****  A couple more things i’d like to add:

It seems likethe RNG for the “random” god selection is working properly, with oneor two fringe events happening here and there in which you get the same god 3or 4 times in a row, it’s all good!  Youshould grab the UGP from the store while it’s still cheap if you have notalready, makes Assault a million times more fun if you get gods you’re not goodat since it forces you to play(ergo become more experienced) with them.  Initially I used to hate Cupid and Anhurbecause I could not for the life of me land most of their basic attacks whichcaused me to never pick them anywhere, now i’m happy every time I get eitherone of them because practice makes perfect and they’re actually really fun.


Also, yes, thereare obviously gods which are far stronger than others here in Assault and heavilyinfluence the outcome of the match when already only glancing at thecomposition.  For example Vulcan, AoKuang, Bastet, Hercules and Aphrodite are some of the most feared if in theright hands(sure you could say this about any gods anywhere, but they alreadyhave an advantage) due to their kits which allow them to control thebattlefield easier or survive longer and better than other gods of theirclass.  For example Hercules is a killingmachine if roaming with a stunning Aphrodite, there’s no jungle which couldthreaten Ao and no other lanes for people to take and actively avoid Vulcan’sturrets.  Bastet can jump in, Razor Claweverybody and unleash her cats onto anyone who is balled up and jump back withfull CC immunity, whilst Loki has little survivability once he engages with hisult.


Ultimately,Assault is such a great map because ANYTHING can happen.  The biggest comebacks can be made here,there’s no fire giant or gold fury nor jungle buffs.  You can be losing 3-48 and still end upwinning if the enemy team wipes at your minotaur because they’re overzealous.Doesn’t matter how crap your composition is, if they have 2 tanks and a healerwhilst you only have 5 physical…don’t give up already. Games usually don’tlast longer than ~30 minutes.

 Don’t surrender in Assault! *****

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