PS3 Modding FAQ

  • What firmwares currently have a Jailbreaking method?
    3.41 and 3.55. You were able to Jailbreak 3.31 as well, but the online store that sold the Modchips closed.
  • How do I Jailbreak my PS3?
    On 3.41
    On 3.55
    Note: If you are one of the few people that still has a PS3 on 3.41, I highly suggest you to update to 3.55 and do the 3.55 Jailbreak.
  • What can I do with a Jailbroken PS3?
    -Depending on the custom firmware you’re using, you can run linux, run hombrew applications, run backups, online mods, and much more.
  • If I have a Jailbroken PS3, can I still go online?
    Yes you can.
  • Will I get banned if I go online with my Jailbroken PS3?
    If you use rebug, or whatever spoofer is being used responsibly, chances are, you won’t. By responsibly I mean, at the first sign of ban waves (Try to stay up to date with the PS3 modding scene), you uninstall the .pkg and wait for more news.
  • What is a “spoofer”?
    It is a hombrew application that makes your PS3 look like it’s running the latest firmware, so if you’re on 3.55, Sony will think you’re on the latest firmware.
  • What is a custom firmware?
    A custom firmware is an original firmware edited by a developer/hacker not associated with Sony that let’s you do things you are not able to do while running an original firmware (Eg running homebrew, linux, etc).
  • Which do you think is the best Firmware?
    In my personal opinion, Kmeaw’s. There’s no firmware that has something that Kmeaw’s doesn’t, and it has almost no brick reports.
  • Can I make my own custom firmware that fits my needs?
    Yes! Thanks to Kmeaw, you can now create your own firmware using MFW builder.
  • Is there any way to downgrade from 3.56/3.60/3.61?
    Yes there is, you will need an E3 Flasher.
  • I am on 3.56/3.60, what can I do?!
    Buy an E3 Flasher!
  • How will I know if there’s a new custom firmware for my current firmware?
    It will be posted by a trusted member in this section. Stop searching for them in youtube, it’s the same than searching “phisher sites”.
  • Can I run Backups on my PS3?
    Yes. A tutorial can be found here.
  • Is my PS3 Backwards compatible? (Can play PS2 games)
    You can play PS2 games on some PS3’s. Simple way of knowing if you can or not: 2USB Ports? No. 4 USB Ports? Yes.
  • If I have a Jailbroken PS3, can I still host MW2 modded lobbies?
    Yes, there is a patch that works after MW2’s 1.12 update, but, unfortunately, there are no rank mods in it.
    You can find it here.
  • How do I host a MW2 modded lobby?
    You can find a tutorial here.
  • Can I host Black Ops modded lobbies?
    No, there was a method but it was patched. And even if you found a way to host, you would get instantly banned from PSN.
  • Did PS3 Modding started this year?
    No! You can read the whole history behind PS3 Modding and all its important characters here.
  • But I still have more questions!
    No problem! Feel free to PM me, AIM me, or post in this thread.
    If you want to submit a Q&A, feel free to do it as well. If your question is good enough, I will add it to the thread and due credit will be given.
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