Planetside 2 : GENERAL Tips and Tricks

Planetside 2 : GENERAL Tips and Tricks

  • Almost any helpful action (killing enemies, repairing vehicles, capturing bases) nets you experience points (XP). With every 250 XP, you gain 1 certification point (cert).
  • Certs allow you to improve your infantry classes, vehicles and lets you buy new weapons. Your starting loadouts are versatile and effective, so save your certs until you feel you’ve found a playstyle you enjoy.
  • Aim at enemies and tap Q to spot them, making a little triangle appear over their heads for your friends.
  • You can also keep Q pressed down to open the “commo rose” that allows you to interact with the targeted person in various ways.
  • If you aim at a friendly player and hold Q, you will ask them for context specific help: ammo from engineers, healing from medics and a ride from a vehicle.
  • It’s usually better not to destroy enemy terminals when attacking and instead to let infiltrators hack them instead. Destroying enemy turrets is usually correct even if they are unmanned.
  • Find a squad/platoon and roll with it. You are unlikely to do much alone, and this will help you find a good fight.
  • Fight in a group, not in a mob. Outnumbering the enemy 50:1 is useless and will result in boring game play and little experience. See “Zerg” in the lingo section.
  • You can not shoot in to hostile spawn rooms.
  • You can shoot out from a spawn room.
  • Therefore, avoid standing within eyesight of enemy spawn room exits.
  • Weapons in this game are generally sidegrades, meaning that no weapon is in any real way better than any other. They typically fit into other situations. F.ex one weapon can have great accuracy but slow rate of fire while another has a fast rate of fire but is less accurate, resulting in the latter being better in extremely close encounters, but being much worse in medium to long ranges. This is not necessarily as true when it comes to vehicle weaponry, max weapons, shotguns, rocket launchers or some exceptional weapons such as the engineer turrets.
  • Unlocked attachments are weapon specific, but not class specific for that weapon.
  • When you unlock attachments or upgrades they will not appear until you equip them.
  • You can only equip 1 item from each class of upgrades.
  • Use the VR training area to experiment with weapons and attachments (everything can be freely used in VR training, so try before you buy).
  • Pressing H toggles a bigger minimap view. The enlarged minimap blocks the capture process indicators. [ and ] will change the zoom on the minimap.
  • You can press ALT to enable and disable a mouse cursor when ingame. Use it to switch chat views, place waypoints on the minimap, or press ctrl+tab.



  • Be careful crossing the road near a friendly tank. The driver can’t really see well and rarely can stop in time to avoid running you over.
  • Consider friendly vehicles as merciless death machines. Never assume they will stop for you and try and avoid them.
  • Let the medic heal you to full health after they have revived you.
  • You do not take damage when dropping from a galaxy dropship as long as you are not close to the flight ceiling when you drop. You do not inherit the velocity of the galaxy, so where you get out is where you fall.
  • All guns do damage to fighters. Shoot at them to scare them away if you are under attack and have no Anti-Air nearby. Be careful however, sometimes shooting at enemy vehicles will only draw their attention to you.
  • The knife (T) two-shots all non-MAX infantry. Use it on unaware enemies to save ammo.
  • You unlock the Spawn Beacon from the Command certification tree. This allows your squad members to hot drop on your beacon, with some cooldown. The certification requires Battlerank 10 and can only be used while you are the Squad Leader.
  • Never run over vehicle spawn points. Spawned vehicles will kill you as they appear.
  • Flashlights on weapons are not useful.
  • Most weapons require burst firing and the use of sights to be effective.
  • You can switch fire modes (single shot, full auto etc.) with B.
  • You can stop your breathing when sniping by holding shift.
  • Headshots do extra damage, so aim accordingly.


  • Use your speed and agility to strike from unexpected angles. Going head-to-head is usually a bad idea.
  • Your jump jets automatically activate when you keep space bar pressed down.
  • Using your jump jets when dropping from a galaxy (even for a split second) removes the fall damage immunity from you.
  • C4 is extremely powerful against turrets, vehicles, MAX units and clusters of enemy infantry.
  • A pump shotgun will make you more effective at extreme close range, great for very crowded areas.


  • Friendlies you revive come to life with reduced health. Heal them back up before carrying onwards.
  • You can not heal a wounded MAX unit.
  • You can revive a MAX unit that has been killed, though it takes longer than reviving normal friendlies.
  • The medic’s abilities are an Area of Effect (AoE) heal that affects all nearby friendlies, and a device that creates a shield regeneration zone. Use them when they do the most good for both you and your friends. You can only use one at a time.
  • Make sure to upgrade your healing tool. Many will not accept your revives if you have not upgraded it, yielding you no points, because they do not want the health penalty. The increased time and range also allows you to revive more players, yielding exceedingly large amounts of experience.
  • The revive grenade is great. Use it when a large amount of allies die in a confined space. However revive grenades do not revive killed MAX units.


  • You can heal (repair) a wounded MAX unit.
  • You can also repair friendly vehicles, base turrets, generators, and terminals.
  • Always drop ammo near Heavy Assaults that are firing rockets. They need it bad and you get tons of points.
  • You can replace the ammo box on your loadout and still give out ammo by selecting your turret and then pressing B (change fire mode).
  • Deployed turrets can act as cover for friendlies, even if you don’t plan on firing the turret yourself.


  • Shooting at the rear of a vehicle does insane amounts of damage. You can two-shot a main battle tank by shooting at it’s rear with the default launcher.
  • Your shields also negate damage suffered from dropping.
  • The default rocket launcher does the second most pure damage, behind the decimator. The anti-air launcher does least damage. The anti-tank lock-on launcher sits right between the two. The annihilator does the least damage. The empire specific rocket launchers are often better than the other options.
  • Both lock-on launchers need three rear hits against a main battle tank. The default destroys it with two.


  • As an Infiltrator you are given a set of tools that, if they’re right used, enable you to unleash a reign of chaos at enemy frontlines by appearing in the middle, taking down a few of them and disappearing again into nowhere.
  • You can choose between two very useful tools to reveal the positions of enemies within a wide area not only to you but also to everyone else of your faction.
  • Motion Spotters and Recon Darts often make the difference between being successful or not! Always use them as much as possible!
  • Hack all the things! Every hacked terminal is free exp for you, a resupply station for your friends and a nuisance for the enemy.
  • On several scopes, you can use the Shift key (holding breath), to steady your aim a few moments.
  • Hacking an occupied turret forces the (confused) enemy out of it.
  • Cloak is not an invisibility: you are only harder to see. You are easier to see when moving than when immobile. An alert enemy will easily notice you.
  • Cloaking and uncloaking makes a distinctive, faction-specific sound. In quiet areas, an attentive enemy may be alerted to your presence this way.
  • Do not play like a sniper, shooting from behind friendly lines. Play like an infiltrator and get behind the enemy positions for maximum effect.
  • You can not be healed when cloaked.
  • You can not fire while cloaked.
  • Enemies can not spot you with Q when you are cloaked.
  • If you have been spotted by an enemy (with Q), you can remove the spotting by cloaking.
  • Consider cloaking into an enemy held base, hacking a terminal and spawning an AMS equipped Sunderer. If you have a platoon/squad that can then instantly spawn when you deploy your vehicle, the enemy won’t know what hit ’em!


  • Wait for a few seconds if you die: a friendly medic can revive you! Friendly medics will have a “+” symbol on the main map.
  • Everyone starts with a single Anti-Air Buster on their MAX loadout. Use this if you need AA and there is nothing better available.
  • When doing Anti-Air duty, lead your targets. It’s no use having the bullets fly past behind him.
  • You can use the MAX units charge ability (F) to quickly move from place to place. Great for getting closer to enemies, running away and just changing location.
  • Switching out of the MAX suit invokes the acquisition timer.
  • You can, however, change your weapons at any terminal without any penalty.



  • Setting a vehicle to “squad/platoon” allows your squad/platoon mates to drive the vehicle.
  • You can use the Vehicle Management menu (Page Down) to lock a vehicle down (only you can enter) or to only allow people in squad/platoon to enter.
  • All vehicle weapons have a 1 cert each upgrade for basic ammo capacity and added zoom.
  • HE = High Explosive. Great against infantry. Less effective against heavy armor.
  • HEAT = High Explosive Anti Tank. Great against light armor, okay against infantry.
  • AP = Armor Piercing. Great against heavy armor. Less effective against infantry.
  • You can use cruise control with vehicles to make them go forward without having to press any buttons. Press the = key to enable and disable cruise control.
  • Use the function keys (F1-F12) to change seats in a vehicle. If you try to change to an occupied seat, the person on the seat will be can choose whether to change seats or not.
  • Set up your personal waypoint by right clicking the map screen. You are less likely to make a wrong turn if you know the general direction you wish to go to.
  • Any squad member can spawn in any Sunderer or Galaxy that is owned and occupied by another squad member.
  • Double tap acceleration button to bring slow moving vehicles (MBT, Sundy) up to full speed faster.


  • Press B to deploy the sunderer, allowing friendly troops to spawn in.
  • When driving close to infantry with no nearby hostiles, press T to enter third person mode. This gives you more vision on possible nearby friendly infantry.
  • As a gunner, do not shoot at everything moving. This will only alert the enemy to your presence without really doing any damage to that Liberator flying a mile away.
  • The default 20mm dual-barreled machinegun on main battle tanks and Sunderers does damage even to main battle tanks. Help out your gunner when he is engaging armor. You shooting at the tank too can be the deciding factor.
  • Parking a vehicle where people using a jump pad land on kills the people coming in flying. Avoid doing this to friendlies.
  • Do not park vehicles on vehicle spawn points. When someone spawns a vehicle there, yours will be destroyed.
  • Turn off your lights by pressing L. Using them only attracts attention.


  • Fly in third person mode (T) for better view on your surroundings.
  • Rebind air vehicle exit to something you won’t hit accidentally when reloading.
  • There is no parachute, if you have to bail out, get low and get slow, then jump out. If you are going too fast or too high, you will die, the exception being if you are in a Galaxy.
  • Consider binding the pitch controls to your keyboard or (if you have them) your additional mouse buttons. This allows you to turn at the maximum possible turn rate, for faster maneuvering.
  • Set your personal waypoint to a safe location you can use to resupply and repair. This way, you’ll instantly know where to retreat to if you get ambushed. Many a good pilots have “retreated” straight to an even greater danger in an adrenaline rush.



  • As of now, there are four continents in the game, each with a distinct theme. They are: Indar, which features arid desert to the north, grasslands to the southwest, and canyons to the southeast; Esamir, which features a snow covered and barren landscape; Amerish, which is lush and mountainous with steep elevation changes; and Hossin, a swampland featuring massive trees for vertical gameplay and the latest and most unique base design.
  • You can change continent by using the terminal with a planet on it at your factions warp gate or selecting a different continents warp gate from the spawn option list.
  • By capturing 95% of the capturable territory on a continent or winning an alert, your faction captures the continent. This gives you a continent specific bonus and locks it preventing further play.
  • You lose the bonus when the continent is unlocked either by the server needing more space for players or if it unlocks due to another continent locking.
  • The bonuses are -50% off the resource cost of aerospace (Indar), mechanized (Esamir), and infantry consumable (Amerish) purchases or +25% XP (Hossin).
  • Up to three continents can be captured at one time. If your server is large enough to support it, sometimes only one continent can be captured at a time.


  • There are three types of major facilities: Bio labs, Tech plants and Amp Stations.
  • Tech Plants allow acquisition of main battle tanks from connected territories. You can always acquire main battle tanks from the warp gate.
  • Bio labs give the owning faction a small health regeneration in connected territories.
  • Amp stations award large amount of mechanized or air resources and reduce the overheating of base turrets.
  • A multitude of smaller outposts with no specific bonuses (except resources) exist between these major facilities.


  • The capture process is a “tug of war”. You need to undo all the enemy’s progress before your factions capture bar starts to progress.
  • The bar on top of your screen is not the bases capture progress. It’s the capture progress for the single point you are on.
  • You can not capture bases that have no connection to uncontested friendly territory. If you lose the connection after starting the capture process, you can still finish it.
  • Destroying the SCU (Spawn Control Unit) prevents the owners of the base from spawning in that bases spawn rooms.
  • Some hostile shields block only vehicles, some both vehicles and infantry. Owners of the facility can always pass through shields.
  • Some shields can be shot through by the owner of the facility. Attackers can not shoot back.
  • Shields have icons on them, that correspond to the generator keeping the shields up. Some shields have multiple generators.
  • Everyone can hack generators or SCU by pressing E for 10 seconds. This causes the generator to destabilize, resulting in an explosion after 2 minutes. The enemy can stabilize (unhack) a generator, so be sure to defend it until it explodes. You can not hack a generator or SCU if the connected friendly base has enemy controlled control points.
  • You can still look around and shoot while hacking, as long as you keep E pressed and don’t move outside of the hacking zone (which is really small).
  • Shooting (or using explosives) at a generator only damages that friend of yours who was trying to hack it. You can not damage generators with weapons.
  • Bio labs can be accessed through teleporters and jump pads from connected bases. They also have gravity lifts under the landing pads.
  • You can never enter the bio lab from directly beneath it as an attacker but defenders can spawn vehicles from there.


  • Stabilize (unhack) a generator as any class by going to it and pressing E for 10 seconds. You can shoot while stabilizing as well.
  • If a generator is destroyed, you can repair it with the Engineers repair tool (weapon slot 3).


  • You need a resource (Nanites) to purchase vehicles (air and ground), MAX units and infantry items like medkits and grenades.
  • Nanites are granted at a rate of 50 per minute, with a maximum of 750.
  • You can see the amount of Nanites you will gain and when you will get them by pressing TAB to bring up the score screen.
  • Gaining XP at a base will also provide you with a bit of extra nanites. (maybe changed with recent patch).



  • When you buy something with SC, you may need to log out and back in for the item to appear in your inventory.
  • You can see what is included in a bundle by clicking the “unlock” button. This will bring up a confirmation windows showing the contents of said bundle without buying it.
  • You can trial weapons for 30 minutes every 8 hours. However you can’t trial the same weapon again for another month.
  • You can create new characters and trial a weapon, then delete them and trial it again on another newly created character.
  • Once you apply an XP boost, removing it permanently deletes it, keep it on until it runs out!
  • Some weapons that can be purchased with SC are only visible in the certification trees (old ingame inventory model, might be returning later), not in the depot.


  • The premium resource/xp boost does not use the boost slot in your profile. You can stack it with f.ex. the Alpha Squad boost for +60% exp and resources.
  • If you are in a squad where someone has a squad boost, you will benefit from it too, resulting in up to a 103% extra experience: 50% for full membership boost, 50% from your own boost item and 3% from the squad exp boost your friend has.
  • The premium boost starts at a 25% boost to all gained resources and exp (this will all be old info soon as they are removing the benefit tiers and memberships will always be starting from +50% boosts).
  • For every continous month of subscription after the first month, you get an additional +5% bonus. The maximum bonus is 50%.
  • Purchasing multi-month subscriptions applies the additional bonus immediately. A 3 month subscription gives you instantly a 35% boost: 25% + 5% + 5% = 35%.
  • Your additional boost resets if you do not have a subscription for a full month.
  • You also get 500 SC per month. Unlike the boost, getting a 6 month subscription will not instantly give you 3000 SC. You can claim 500 SC per month for the 6 months of subscription. Note that this is not automatically granted but you have to click the claim in the Depot.



Long Short Friendlies Hostiles Range
/say /sa Yes Yes Very short
/region /re Yes No Same region (base)
/yell /y Yes Yes Same region (base)
/squadsay /s Squad only No No range limitation
/platoonsay /p Platoon only No No range limitation
/outfitsay /o Outfit only No No range limitation
/tell <playername> /t <name> Only named player Only named player No range limitation
/reply /r Only named player Only named player No range limitation


Command Effect
/friend add <name> Adds a friends
/friend list Lists all friends and their online status
/squad invite <name> Invites a player to the squad
/squad kick <name> Kicks a player from the squad
/squad leave Removes you from the squad
/squad disband Disbands the squad, removing everyone from it. Only works if you are the squad leader
/suicide Kills you, allowing fast redeployment
/location or /loc Shows values about your current position. Useful if you need to report a continent failure/map bug.
/outfit invite <name> Invites a player to your outfit (if you can invite people)
/outfit quit Removes you from your outfit
/bug Report a bug
/report <player> Reports the player to DGC (Daybreak Game Company)



  • Press ALT-F to view your FPS (Frames per second).
  • Besides your fps, there is an indicator of whether you are being bottlenecked by your CPU (processor) or GPU (graphics card). If you are [CPU]-locked all the time, you should be able to up the graphical fidelity without a performance hit. One exception, however, is Shadow quality, which can be quite taxing on your CPU.
  • Playing on low settings is generally a bad idea. It can cause your graphics card to go into a power saving mode out of “boredom” resulting in a performance hit. Try both medium and low settings before settling on low.


Term or abbrevation Meaning
AMS (Sunderer) Advanced Mobile Station: the passive ability on a sunderer than allows it to deploy and act as a mobile spawn point. Also used to refer to a vehicle with one equipped.
EI Enemy Infantry
ESF Empire Specific Fighter: Reavers, Mosquitoes and Scythes.
Gal Galaxy dropship (vehicle).
Gal drop Using a galaxy to drop a large amount of troops on top of an enemy position/base. Think paratroopers.
HA Heavy Assault (class).
LA Light Assault (class)
WG Warpgate.
Lib Liberator gunship (vehicle).
MBT Main Battle Tank: Vanguards, Prowlers and Magriders.
Sundy Sunderer (vehicle)
Whale Another name for the Galaxy.
Spandex If someone talkes about Spandex he’s refering to the Vanu Sovereignty and it’s players.
Smurfs The players of the New Conglomerate are sometimes named smurfs because of their blue and yellow faction colors.
Zerg The (mostly) mindless mob of players that just rolls forward in a direction without any clear command structure or strategy. Usually results from a buildup of individual people that follow in an organized units wake.
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