Is the WiiU hacked like the Wii yet?

Is the WiiU hacked like the Wii yet? (Backups, Homebrew, etc)
Is there any kind of progress?
Kinda Sorta Maybe?
Fail0verflow Developed a software based exploit in Late 2013, but it will not be released.
In Febuary 2014, A separate hacking team unrelated to F0F has announced they they have also developed a parallel exploit, and have dumped the Boot ROM. It has been independently verified and the MD5 hashes match that of the F0F Exploit, Corroborating 0F’s claims. They will not be releasing this exploit.
In June 2014, A usermode Exploit (though one only available in 4.1.0) was released.
This does not mean any kind of hack is available, as it does not provide full access to the system.
Also, Wii U games have been dumped, as well as their Key hashes. The Wii U Ancast key has also been dumped and made available.
As of March 2015, Some proof of concept Homebrew has been made available using the 4.1.0 Exploit.
As of April 2015, A Kernel Exploit (Yes, the one we’ve All been waiting for!) has been announced, and will be released Soon™.)
So, Can we Run WiiU ISOs/Backups?
But this YouTube video said….
Is Wii Mode (vWii) hacked yet?


Yes. But there are some issues..


What does that mean?
What can we actually DO in vWii Mode?
Here’s a simple, easy to use list of our current progress in Hacking the Virtual Wii in the WiiU.
(Basically, most stuff works the same, with a few exceptions.)
  • Perform an Exploit? YES! 
  • Run Unsigned Code? YES!
  • Dump the NAND? YES! (FSToolbox has been updated to work with the vWii.)
  • Restore the NAND? YES! But Be Careful!
    (NAND Restores are always dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing, ESPECIALLY on the WiiU! Make sure you do!)
  • Install the Homebrew Channel? YES!
  • Run Emulators off an SD card? YES!
  • Install Emulators onto the NAND? YES!
  • Install Virtual Console/WiiWare WADS? YES!
  • Install and Run USB Loaders? YES! But a few games may not work. If it didn’t work on the Wii, it won’t work in vWii.
  • Run Retail Wii Discs? YES!
  • Run Foreign Retail Wii Discs RegionFree? YES!
  • Run BURNED Wii Discs? NO (The physical drive is different than the Wiis, and would require a new Drivechip.)
  • Use SNEEK on vWii? YES!
  • Install Bootmii on vWii? NO (No Boot2 access yet, and there likely won’t be, due to how vWii was designed.)
  • Install Priiloader on vWii? NO (Ditto)
  • Use Cheats/Mods through Gecko OS? YES! 
  • Run GameCube Games? YES! (Devolution for VWii is quite compatible, but requires a whole lot of kibbitzing to get working because of “anti-piracy” Measures.  Before leaving the Scene, Crediar gave us Nintendont, another Gamecube backcompat program. Compatibility has increased significantly since it was released, and even runs some games that Devolution couldn’t. Also, Open source! I
  • Run Linux? Eh.. Kinda.. Thanks to a proof by Fail0verflow and some fantastic work by the Trinux team, a distribution of Linux running on all three cores of the Wii U’s CPU running under vWii is under development.
So how do I actually DO this?
So, you’re gonna go through with it?
BTW, Your warranty is now Void. :P
It will tell you what is and isn’t safe to install on your vWii. You don’t want a brick on your hands, so you?
A quick note about Wii U Firmware and VWii
The Virtual Wii Mode (VWii) is a completely separate operating system that the Wii U boots to when switching to VWii mode, or booting Digital Download Wii games such as Punch-Out or Metroid Prime Trilogy purchased from the eShop.
What you do in Wii U Mode (Such as running a System Update), WILL NOT IMPACT YOUR USE OF VWii MODE, AND VICE VERSA.
This means you can safely update your Wii U system firmware, and it will not change/undo/report/ban/brick VWii Mode, and hacking VWii Mode will not impact the use of Wii U Software.
If this changes at any point in the future, I will update this section. until ten, feel free to update your system firmware.
(If you wish to not update your WiiU firmware for reasons such as the Web Browser exploit, then that is your choice. this is simply to clarify that no System Update yet has done anything to VWii mode.)
Any other cool stuff we can do?
Why yes, there is! For example:
You can use your Wii U Pro controller on your PC!

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  1. Wade Wilson June 3, 2015 at 5:15 am #

    If you run into any Issues you can post in our forums.

  2. Vissers October 12, 2015 at 5:04 am #

    Is there some way to get a notice as soon as the full hack is officele?

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