– by dignitas/ShadowQ (May 2014, Patch 1.0.2107.1) (updated info 4/20/15)
Our next Smite god guide features Aphrodite who has recently made a surprise comeback at the $200k Launch Tournament, mainly thanks to our professional support player ShadowQ.
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Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of beauty.

Aphrodite is extremely underestimated in the current meta. With an early game revolving around pushing power, and late game being about burst ultimate’s, her strengths shine throughout all points of the match. There is never a wrong time to pick Aphrodite as support, and she does extremely well with every ADC.





Loving Embrace
– Start the game with the blue buff
– You give your ADC mana back
– Link teammates to increase move speed
– Stun an enemy
– Link a teammate before you stun an enemy
– Aim directly at your target, the width of this skill is huge
Back Off
– Knock back and damage enemies around you
– Slow and damage enemies around your linked target
– Use frequently in fights. Don’t worry about wasting it. Getting damage off is important
Love Birds
– Heals you and your linked teammate
– Your linked teammate does not need to be in the line of doves to be healed
– Use it to clear the wave early game
– Use your kiss on an enemy first to do damage
Undying Love
– Cleanses CC
– Immunes damage and CC for the duration
– Save for big burst ultimates or CC



Always start with Watcher’s Gift.
Even if you get some of the last hits, the gold gain and mana and health regen give you great lane presence.
I would highly recommend Midas’ Boots while learning Aphro.
The gold gain gives her extra money for more tankiness. However, when you’re more comfortable with Aphro, CDR Boots give more damage, more healing and more frequent spells.
Afterwords, if you’re ahead or on par with the enemies, Sovereignty is the correct buy.
This is the most efficient and necessary item in the game to get on any support due to its extremely cheap personal protections as well as the most teamfight-influencing aura in the game.
If you’re behind at this point, you should consider Witchblade.
This item gives cheap move speed to be able to avoid enemy damage. You do not want to brawl the enemy with this item, as it lacks health, but the aura is good for teammates. If you’re really behind, the move speed is absolutely necessary.
If you buy this, buy Sovereignty afterwards and then continue in the build like normal.
At this point, you now have a lot of options.
If the enemy team has medium or heavy magical damage, Void Stone is a great buy to help your mage with offense while maintaining sufficient defense.
However, if they have a large amount of slows or a Posideon, Winged Blade is a necessary buy.
Items after this point are extremely situational. Viable items include:
If you’re extremely ahead, Soul Reaver is a fantastic buy. I would not recommend while learning the character, but this item is great when confident.
If they have heavy physical and you’re at risk of dying, these items give sufficient survivability with efficient CDR.
If you already have CDR boots and Winged Blade, Mail of Renewal is better, so you dont go over CDR cap.
Otherwise Breastplate of Valor is the better option.
Spirit Robe‘s passive is completely irrelevant. If they have very heavy magic damage, such as a Freya, this item is great for defense and CDR.


Example Build – when behind


Example Build – even or ahead


Example Build – VERY ahead




Hand of the Gods is necessary for any support. Upgrade it by 15 minutes at the latest for objective securing.

Heavenly Agility is great for team survivability. The only real alternative would be Weakening Curse if the enemy team has healing.


Your priority should be 3 > 1 > 2 > 4.

Loving EmbraceAphrodite’s passive is what makes her early game extremely strong. Unlike other supports, you want to start the game with the blue buff, as you give a percentage of your regenerated mana back to your ADC. The amount of mana they receive is sufficient for them to not go OOM while giving you and your ADC huge amounts of sustain.
KissThis ability has two uses: it can link a teammate to increase move speed, or it can be used to stun an enemy, giving your teammate increased damage. While the damage can be helpful, you level up this skill almost entirely due to the move speed. Aphrodite lacks any other mobility move and relies entirely on this increased move speed to survive.You should always be linked to a teammate before you kiss offensively. This is a mistake I see a lot of Aphro players make. When linking a teammate, the cooldown is not used, and the move speed for both players is extremely essential.

Although this move is a skillshot, it is one of the easiest in the game to hit due to its relatively high speed and extremely huge width. For this reason, there is less prediction when using this skill and it’s often more ideal to aim directly at your target, or only slightly ahead of where they’re going.

Back OffThis ability is a short range AoE that originates from both Aphro and her linked teammate. The AoE around Aphro knocks enemies back, while the AoE around her teammate applies a slow.In the early game, if you’re on the offensive, you almost always want to use the slow, as autoattacks in the early game is a large portion of your damage. However, if both AoEs overlap, the knockback takes precedence, and the slow does not occur. Even though it’s important to be close to your target, wait to move in melee range until you use this ability.

In the mid game, after using your Kiss to stun an enemy, run behind them to knock them back further into your teammates.

In the late game, you rely on your hunter being aggressive. There may be only small windows where your ADC is in melee range of enemies for you to get the damage and slow of this ability. Try to use this on the first person you can. Be quick to react and don’t be afraid you’ll need this ability for someone else. Getting some damage and resetting the cooldown as soon as possible is extremely important.

Love BirdsThis ability heals Aphrodite and her linked target. Additionally, it sends doves out in a slow moving line AoE to damage enemies.This ability is fairly straightforward, but here are a few tips:
– Use it for wave clearing in the early game
– When using it offensively, use your Kiss first to guarantee the dove damage
– Don’t be afraid to heal you or your linked target, even if you don’t get any damage
Undying LoveThis ability cleanses CC on Aphro and her teammate, and makes them immune to damage and CC for the duration.Save this ability for large bursting ultimates. It is extremely important to know what the enemy could possibly use and save it for the most ideal time. If you find yourself using your ultimate right before you die to immune autoattacks or small ticks of damage, perhaps there was something you could have used it on earlier to immune more.




Early Game

Be aggressive in lane with both push and poke. You win poke trades due to your sustain, but don’t forget to push the wave so you don’t tank creeps.

You are also extremely susceptible to ganks at this point due to having almost no mobility. Be careful when pushing and know to be defensive when you expect the enemy jungler to be nearby.


Mid Game

Look to rotate for camps and try to looks for picks/saves, especially for mid harpy fights. Your ultimate is extremely crucial here.

Ward the long lane side of the map. It’s important that your ADC does not get ganked while you are roaming. If you aren’t roaming, try to poke the enemy ADC, even if it’s under tower. You are potentially the most aggressive support in the game.


Late Game

Stay linked to your ADC at all times during fights. Save your ultimate for big burst abilities or for CC. Use your doves for sustain even if it means not doing damage. Carry mana pots at all times. Link other teammates only to heal them out of fights, but try to be linked to your ADC by default.




Aphrodite can be one of the strongest gods in the game when paired with competent players. Her greatest downfall is the inability of her teammates to follow up her initiations. When this is the case, be sure to acknowledge this fact and play around your teammates accordingly. You may not be able to be aggressive in lane, but you still can get value out of pushing and rotating.

I love playing Aphrodite and I hope this guide helps you get the same enjoyment that I do. Thanks for reading and good luck!


First Items

Watcher’s Gift
This starter item provides you with a small but substantial increase in durability through the 100 hp provided, and a much more significant boost to your sustain through significant amounts of mp5 and hp5, 5 and 10 respectively. Perhaps the most important part of this item is the vast quantities of additional gold that it generates, through guaranteeing the last hit bonus from minions, and also providing a small boost in gold per 5. This allows you to become relatively fed, much as Midas’ boots did before their cost was increased, without stealing much, if any, of your partner’s farm.

Meditation can provide a boost of mana to both you and your soul mate at a critical moment. Picking this up early is an incredible help and remains useful long into the late game, as it can be used to replenish 30% of your soul mate’s mana. Upgrading this is not recommended until the late game, as the rank 2 version is not a significant upgrade. Therefore, I would suggest that you wait until you have gold going spare and upgrade straight from rank 1 to rank 3, as the heal at rank 3 can save your life very easily.

Eye of Providence
While Eye of Providence was once an item of questionable value, it is now a must have for a support, as for only 300 gold you can have an infinite number of wards. With each ward lasting 3 mintues and a cooldown of only 60 seconds, this allows you to constantly maintain 2-3 wards at crucial locations, providing early warning of ganks on your lane and attempts on the gold fury’s life. Once you become aware of enemy wards foiling your own gank attempts, you can upgrade Eye of Providence to rank 2, changing it’s standard wards into sentry wards with the same duration and cooldown. This is an extremely useful item to have, as it allows you to remove enemy wards on demand, helping your team to establish and maintain map control. Upgrading to rank 3 is not critical, but can be extremely useful late game, as the ability to use wards to see through walls opens up a plethora of new placements which can spot crucial areas without putting the ward at risk of being spotted, such as under the Fire Giants feet.

Early Game

Shoes of Focus
Shoes are by far the greatest choice of footwear for Aphrodite. They not only look absolutely fabulous with their slick blue and black colour scheme, but they also bring you right up to the 40% cooldown cap, along with Chronos’ Pendant. The magic power provided will contribute to your heal and be amplified by your Rod of Tahuti later in the build, making these the perfect boots. Other choices including Boots of Celerity and Midas’ Boots simply do not compare, as the cooldown reduction has been removed from Celerity and the price of Midas’ Boots make them simply a waste of gold.

Chronos’ Pendant
This item provides your sustain, and helps to restore mana to your soul mate. The cooldown similarly allows you to heal, stun and ult more frequently. This item is core to the build, and is essential to preventing you from running out of mana. It should be prioritised above any actives, and rushed as soon as your boots are complete.

Mid Game

Rod of Tahuti
The famous rod, a good pick for any magical character, this really helps to boost your heal, and allows your limited damage to become noteworthy, as well as providing a little extra mana regen.

Rod of Asclepius
Rod of Asclepius has two major benefits which make it an incredible choice for Aphrodite. The first and foremost is the 15% increase to all healing. This is an aura effect, so it will also help out any other gods with heals, such as Ra or Guan Yu. With a full build, this provides a little over 15 additional healing per tick of your Love Birds. This is equivalent to 100 magic power. In addition to this, the 75 magic power provided is not a small amount, and as such this item greatly increases the strength of your heal. The second reason that this item is a great choice is the 10% movement speed bonus provided. Along with Aphrodite’s already great movement speed due to the passive benefit of her Kiss, this allows you to evade enemy attacks with greater ease and prolongs your life through greater mobility and ease of positioning. It will also increase your chasing and fleeing capabilities for obvious reasons.

Late Game

Hide of Leviathan
If you are suffering from both physical and magic damage, or you feel that you are being heavily crowd controlled whenever you enter a fight, consider picking up Hide. It provides both physical and magical defenses, as well as a significant amount of health. This will greatly increase your durability in fights, and the Resolve unique passive will help you spend more time dodging and less time stunned.

Gem of Isolation
Gem provides you with some much needed health and causes your Love Birds to slow. 25% may not seem like a great deal, but consider this. The slow is reapplied with every tick of damage. That’s 5 seconds of a 25% slow. This item is a must have.

Wall of Absolution
Absolution provides physical defense, and a little bit of magic power, which is always nice. It is worth noting that Absolution does in fact have the highest physical defense on a single item in the game. It’s good. Choose this if you are having issues with enemy physical gods.

Void Stone
Void stone is a decent pick, as it will provide you with some magic power and significant magical defense. Consider taking this if you are taking primarily magic damage. I would highly recommend picking the aura version of this item to help out your mages, as the reduced protections to enemies will be much more useful than a personal increase in magic penetration.


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